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Linking Workforce Development, Education & Economic Development In Armstrong, Butler & Indiana Counties

Youth Committee


The Youth Committee's purpose is to promote a youth development system to prepare youth for continued career and personal growth and development. Youth in the Tri-County Area are be served through a collaborative development system that effectively integrates education, employment and community services, allowing them to develop into well-rounded productive citizens.  The result is a more prosperous community benefiting from responsible young adults who are prepared to live and work in the local community.

The Youth Committee is part of the Tri-County Workforce Development Board. It creates and oversees the youth portion of the Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA). The Youth Committee is responsible for the following.

  • Coordinating youth activities in a local area
  • Developing portions of the local plan related to eligible youth, as determined by the chairperson of the Local Board
  • Recommending eligible youth service  providers in accordance with WIOA, subject to the approval of the Local Board
  • Conducting oversight with respect to eligible providers of youth activities in the local area, subject to the approval of the Local Board
  • Carrying out other duties, as authorized by the chairperson of the Local Board, such as establishing linkages with educational agencies and other youth entities

Youth Committee Goals:

  • To improve the educational achievement of youth
  • To prepare youth for success in employment
  • To develop the potential of young people as citizens and leaders
  • To support and mentor youth into adulthood

Tri-County’s Youth Committee has members from the private, public, and educational sectors.


Walter Schroth, Chair Owner, Schroth Industries, Inc.
Stacey Burk, Vice-Chair Program Development Coordinator, Butler Co. AVTS
Mara Flick FSS Coordinator/Housing Counselor, Housing Authority of Butler County
Scott Campbell Coordinator of Assessment, Butler Co. Community College
Gail Steck Supervisor, OVR
Ashlee Hershberger Developmental Programs Manager, Center for Community Resources
Barabara Gade Director, Adult Literacy, Butler Co. Community College
Marie Dillon-Griffith Administrator, PA CareerLink - Armstrong Co.
Cale Gibson Juvenile Probation Officer, Armstrong Co. Probation
Dakota Cousins Former Youth Participant, Kittanning Care Center
Michele Ligus Guidance Counselor, Lenape Technical School
Kami Anderson Executive Director, Armstrong-Indiana-Clarion Drug & Alcohol Commission
Sherene Hess Indiana County Commissioner
Reba Johnson Director of Human Resources, Ambulance Service Management Group
Eric Palmer Administrative Director, Indiana Co. Technology Center
Paul Price Parent of a Youth Participant
Paul Williams Business Community Liaison, Pittsburgh Job Corps.